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Meet The Instructors

Tamara Murawski

Passion and love for animals, that sums me up in a nutshell!

Growing up my dad was my hero and he gave me the foundation for who I am today because he always told me that if you believe you can do it, then just do it. From elementary school, all the way through high school, I was the one in class that begged to bring home the class pet for spring and Christmas breaks. We didn’t have furry friends growing up since allergies were an issue for my sibling, however, dad would always say yes to making room for the school pet.

Over the years, I worked the whole corporate circuit, AT&T, Cardinal Health, Cbeyond, and many other information technology and phone service companies. They were the ones with the large offices and the large paychecks. They enabled me to raise my daughter as a single mother. One day, however, something incredible came into my life and it changed my life forever. That something was “Animal Rescue”.

For several years I volunteered with the Detroit Pit Crew. We worked alongside police departments and other agencies on the streets responding to calls from the community regarding hurt or injured dogs. Day after day there were always a variety of calls coming in regarding dogs that were shot, stabbed or pregnant. Some of the images haunted me in my sleep but I knew I was making a difference.

Tri-County Collie is another rescue organization that I have had the honor of sitting on the Board of Directors. This organization has also taught me a lot about animals and training. They are affiliated with many sporting facilities. The longer I worked in the field, the more rescue organizations I became affiliated with. Since each rescue organization is a little different, I have been able to learn new and additional things from each, which in turn has made me more accomplished in helping animals.

One day the opportunity came for me to run a rescue facility. I was so excited and I thought that I knew so much since I had researched and volunteered within the field for some time. I soon realized that there was much more to learn. I learned about reading a dog’s body language, as well as how animals learn from humans. Over the 5 years that I ran the rescue, I learned how to train dogs as this was an essential part of getting them adopted. Dogs are more easily adopted if they have manners and know basic commands. During those years of running the rescue, while continuing to volunteer on the streets rescuing dogs, made me aware that I had become an essential part of something important.

The voice for the voiceless, that’s what we the rescuers, the trainers, and the lovers of animals are. The love is truly pure and unconditional and something like I never felt before. I loved my job. There isn’t a lot of people that can say that and I'm proud to be able to. I learned that a truly well trained, well rounded dog can be a tremendous asset to the community and to their family. I have received awards for school training events, city events, county events, and from Fortune 100 companies for my work with dogs.

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