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Obedience for Life™

We'll solve any dog's behavior problem, including aggression, with our lifetime guarantee dog training services. We're here to help improve you and your dog's life, keeping them in the comfort of their home and out of a shelter.

We service Oakland, Macomb and Wayne County

Dog Training that works

Alternative Canine Training will help you train your dog and also solve any dog behavior problems. Including aggression! Your dog will be trained fast and with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! Training is fast, because we teach you how to talk to your dog in the language that they understand: Doglish! 

Don’t let your dog be a prisoner in your backyard. With Alternative Canine Training’s help you will be able to take them everywhere and enjoy their company. Having the relationship with your dog you always dreamed of. Alternative Canine Training provides In-Home Dog Training, Doggy Bootcamps and Group Classes.

In-Home Dog Training

You get 100% custom-tailored training for your dog in the place where they feel the most comfortable.

Group Classes

Our group classes allow thorough training while still allowing individual attention for your dog.

Doggy Boot Camp

Got a busy schedule with limited time? No problem! Send your dogs to our private school.
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We Solve All Behavioral Problems

Dealing with behavioral problems can be downright exhausting. From ripped up furniture to dog to dog aggression, we want to let you know we have all of your dog's behavioral problems covered. What's more, we also offer puppy training that gets your young pup a start on the right paw.

Alternative Canine Training understands the importance of proper dog & puppy training, and we strive to solve any behavioral problem your dog may be exhibiting.

Here are just a few of the behavioral problems we can help with:

  • Aggressive dog
  • Housebreaking
  • Dog to Dog aggressive behavior
  • Potty Training
  • Obedience dog training
  • Biting
  • & More

About Us

Since 2000, we've helped dog owners keep their beloved friends out of shelters by providing top-of-the-line puppy training & dog training classes that carry a lifetime guarantee. 

Our team approaches training in a manner that allows your dog to learn quickly and efficiently, solving all of their behavior problems in a timely manner with our lifetime-guarantee services.

We're here to do everything we can to help you improve your dog's behavior. Our classes are so effective that they've garnered countless customer success stories and have even been featured in news outlets. If you want the best dog ever, A.C.T. now!

Client Testimonials

Ursula Schabowicz
"With Bonny at ACT is the only place that I've stayed for more than the initial class. She makes it comfortable, intimate, very positive (for myself and my dog), and just a lot of fun! It's obvious she's dedicated her life to this and it is her calling. She has such rapport with all the dogs, its amazing to witness; Miyko and all her classmates love and respect Bonny so much!"
D'Ann Zacharias
" I found Bonny and after the first lesson I was amazed at the difference in his demeanor. She explained why he behaves this way and what I needed to do to change our situation. The main difference with Bonny is she taught me techniques specifically for Paulie’s issues and they worked. Bonny truly is a dog whisperer. I recommend her to everyone regardless of the dog’s problems."
Rev. Msgr. William Easton
"Bonny was the answer to our prayers. Little Charlie bonded with mom instantly. With Bonny’s training in “boot camp,” he became a perfect little gentleman and a perfect companion for mom. I cannot begin to recommend Bonny highly enough. If you are getting a dog, or if you have one already, Bonny can be a tremendous help. With Bonny’s help, life will be so much more enjoyable both for you and for your dog."

Contact Us

Ready to get started? We're here to help you train your dog and solve any behavior problems they may have, including aggression. We proudly provide dog training classes that will make a positive difference in you and your dog's life. Regardless of the behavioral issue your dog may be presenting, we're a highly-rated dog behaviorist that knows how to help your dog's behavior begin anew.

The first step to get started is getting in touch with us and scheduling an appointment. The fastest way to reach us is by telephone. However, we also accept online messages and provide online dog training. Get in touch with us via our contact page and we'll get back to you ASAP and have you one step closer to solving your dog's behavioral issues.
Call or Text:
(734) 462-2810
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Royal Oak, MI
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