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Doggy Bootcamp

Do you have a very busy schedule? No time to train your new dog? Don’t worry. Just send your dog to private school!

Most boot camp programs fail because the dog is kept in a crate or kennel and trained only 2 times per day for 10 to 15 minutes. Afterward, the owner must learn the training techniques. The secret is the dog must be trained in the environment where he or she lives: in your living room, kitchen, family room, etc. The dog must also respect YOU and not just the trainer. That is why we combine working in our home and then working privately with you in your home. Who else can offer this to you?

In our unparalleled program, your dogs come to live in our home as a member of the family. Your dog will

  • Sleep in our bedroom
  • Live in our living room
  • Travel with us all around town helping us train other unruly dogs
  • Your dog is trained 24-7
  • Comes with 4 follow-up lessons, which can be used at any time throughout your dog's life

In two short weeks, the trainer teaches the dog everything he or she would learn in the Gold Program while addressing any behavior problems. Yes, your dog will be walking off-leash when he or she returns to your home.

Now the most important part: You will be given 4 lessons in your home where you will learn to use and maintain the dog’s training.

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