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In-Home Dog Training in Bloomfield, MI

Where do most behavioral problems occur? Where does your dog spend most of its time? In the home. This is why we feel it‘s important to train a dog in the environment where they live. This is also the best way for us to address you and your dog’s individual needs. Whatever your situation, we design the training specifically for you. All programs are held in and around your house and you will be amazed at the results. We have been working with dog owners in Royal Oak for many years, covering many issues such as chewing, biting, dominance, shyness, separation anxiety, and aggression. In fact we’re so confident that Alternative Canine Training is the most successful method available we give you a Life Time Guarantee. If you have problems in the future or are not completely satisfied, we will come back. This lesson is absolutely FREE as long as you have been following the methods and techniques prescribed.

Dog Behavior Modification is an ever-increasing field with a rapidly increasing demand. Dog Behavior Modification is also known as dog training courses. These courses are specifically designed to help you solve your dog's obedience issues through the use of professional techniques and strategies. A large portion of these courses has been developed by internationally recognized dog trainers and obedience experts.

Dog training consists of three major sections which include: Fundamentals of Behavior, Core Training Skills, and Reward Training for Dogs. Below we will go into more detail on each of these sections and discuss how they can be applied to your training approach.

The dog training courses offered by this company are all designed to focus on the concepts of dog behavior modification and are taught by nationally certified dog trainers and behavior consultants. The classes offered consist of three main segments which include: Core Training Skills, Reward Training for Canines, and Advanced Canine Training. The Core Training Skills section focuses on teaching dogs the fundamental obedience commands; the Reward Training section emphasizes skills needed to effectively motivate dogs, and the Advanced Canine Training segment teaches advanced skills that are required in many specialized situations. All three courses are taught by professional dog trainers and instructors who have taken the time to thoroughly research and understand how different canine behaviors differ and how to apply behavior modification techniques effectively.

The Core Training Skills class offers six-week classes that are broken up into two groups. Classes one and two are taught at the same time, while group classes are split up between the two groups. Within each group, there are several different types of classes to choose from to best fit your dog's personality.

Puppies' only group classes are for working dogs with their owners. The agility classes are for working and retrieving dogs and there are also a few "behavioral counseling" classes for those who would prefer to attend class without professional dog trainers. Regardless of whether you choose to take a class in individualized dog training or in a more fully comprehensive package, you will be taught the basics of positive reinforcement and dog manners. If you have never had professional dog training before, then this is an excellent place to start.

If you have a more experienced dog and puppy training issue that needs to be addressed, then email support is available from the Professional dog training company. Email support offers immediate answers to your most pressing training methods and problems. You can even receive a free personalized eBook on dog training methods and techniques.

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