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Puppy Training Consultation


Prevent behavior problems by nipping them in the bud. We'll teach you the secret of communicating with your puppy as you become their life long leader.

This consultation consists of us coming to your home and spending 1-1/2 to 2 hours with you and your puppy.

We customize the program by evaluating and taking into consideration your puppy’s breed, age, your special situation and family history.

We will evaluate all aspects of your puppy:

  • Where the dog lives
  • Where the dog sleeps
  • Where the dog eats
  • Where he urinates and defecates
  • What they chew
  • How they play

It will prevent a lot of sleepless nights, chewed shoes, soiled carpet, and scratches on your chairs and hands.

This is not just a consultation, but a workshop where you receive hands-on training. In Europe we believe the younger the puppy the faster they learn. Your 8-week old puppy is capable of obeying commands such as:

  • Sit and sit stay
  • Down and down stay
  • Come when called

The principles and canine communication skills learned in this consultation are the stepping stones to having a perfect dog. Your puppy will respond to you as well as if they were obeying their canine mother. Dog training from the dogs' point of view is your guarantee for success.

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