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Bonny Wainz

CDT, CDTA, PDTI Behavioral Consultant

Did you know that dogs are right or left-pawed – or when they destroy furniture it can be a sign of separation anxiety? These are only a few of the behaviors Bonny Wainz considers when training a dog.

As the owner of Alternative Canine Training, Bonny brings to her clients over 35 years of experience. She feels her best attribute is that she loves seeing dogs and their owners living happy, joyful, and peaceful lives together. This only comes about when the dog is well trained. If a dog bites, urinates on the carpeting, chews, barks, or is confined to the house because they can’t be controlled, the dog, as well as the owner, suffer.

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Cindi Fleishans

Service Dog Trainer

Cindi Fleishans is a very accomplished dog trainer after many years of rescue work and her deep involvement in the assistance dog field. In addition to tutoring clients of Alternative Canine Training (ACT), Cindi has dedicated hundreds of hours each year to the nonprofit program, Sterling Service Dogs. Since 2003 she has helped with all phases of preparing dogs for a service dog career from evaluating potential candidates to teaching new dogs obedience commands, appropriate manners in public and useful tasks from the beginner to the advanced stage. She then instructs the disabled client on how to significantly increase his or her safety and independence through teamwork with a highly trained service dog. She also volunteers some of her time to the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners.

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