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Silver Program

This is our most popular program.

A personal coach will come to your home and train your dog to the highest level of household obedience imaginable. The Silver Program is popular due to the amazing results achieved in a short period of time.

Your personal doggy coach ensures that with practice you become the perfect dog trainer. We teach you the obedience commands necessary for everyday life with your dog as well as how to resolve any behavior problems.

It is not just about the commands it is about the behavior problems. We solve them all. These commands have such a therapeutic effect on your dog most of their behavior problems disappear. Why therapeutic? Because, this is how your dog’s canine mom communicates with her offspring. It soothes, calms and relaxes your dog, and makes his or her life worry and stress free.

You and your dog will learn these therapeutic commands:

  • “Lets Go,” which means you will walk your dog instead of your dog walking you
  • Hurry Up & Slow Walking
  • About Turn
  • Turn Left/Turn Right
  • Come command every time you call
  • Sit, Sit Stay every time you say
  • Down, Down Stay every where you want
  • Forbidden command "Ahhhhht"
  • Boundary control and safety rules at front door
  • "Wait" command
  • "OK" Release command
  • "No Sniff" command

Training around distractions

The Silver Program trains your dog to respond to these commands in any situation. Every dog is capable of learning to obey a Sit command in the privacy of your living room, but it’s the everyday life distractions that cause problems. Whether it’s the strange pizza delivery person at the door or a squirrel running across your dog’s path, the Silver Program offers a solution. If you want to learn how to enjoy your dog under real-life circumstances, Silver is the answer. The methods allow you to have full confidence that your dog will listen to you when distracted.

Remember the best-trained dog is the one that was trained around real-life distractions. We don't avoid the problems or ignore your problems. We face them and resolve them.

Once again this is not just about Sit, Stay, and Down. This is about behavioral problems, and those problems will be resolved. We guarantee it (NOT including aggression. ) Please call or e-mail us for details.

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