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Behavioral Workshop

Not interested in the Silver or Gold? Your dog already knows basic obedience commands, but one bad behavior is preventing you from having a loving and peaceful relationship with your dog. This workshop is tailored to your dog’s specific behavior problem. We will come into your home and spend 2 to 3 hours assessing and diagnosing your dog then writing a prescription for rehabilitation. We show you the methods necessary to cure your dog and share the training tools to stop unwanted behavior.

Your commitment to the prescription for rehabilitation is critical in the eventual outcome of this program. Please allow three to six weeks for unwanted behavior to stop. Since there will not be a trainer working with you throughout the process, it is important that you maintain the exact methods and techniques the trainer shows you. Any deviation from these methods and techniques seriously compromises the success of the program.

Sign up now and stop the annoying habit that is preventing you from having a truly loving and peaceful relationship with your dog.


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