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7 Reasons Professional Dog Training Is A Wise Investment

March 1, 2022

7 reasons investing in training is a wise investment

Are you on the fence about whether or not investing in dog training is worth it? We understand. However, after more than 35 years as professional dog trainers, we repeatedly see why professional dog training is important. Not only does it help to foster healthy and positive bonds between your dog and your household, but dog training can also save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over your lifetime of dog companionship.

7 Ways You’ll Benefit From Professional Dog Training

Here are seven ways you’ll benefit from professional dog training, and be grateful you did.

Healthy habits from the start

Most dog owners come to us after pretty traumatic experiences. In the months or years, they’ve had the dog in their home, they’ve felt anxiety, yelled, cried, witnessed the destruction of valuable or precious furniture and furnishings, or have been the victims of dog aggression. All of that never needed to exist in the first place, because the need for dog training is at the core of every issue. When you enlist yourself, and your dog in puppy training, the two of you have the opportunity to form healthy habits right from the start. 

Form strong, loyal bonds

Dogs are sensitive beings, used to taking their cues from the pack leader and fellow pack mates. The establishment of a pack order and bonds between members of the pack is essential for a dog’s emotional wellbeing. When you work with a professional dog trainer via home training, group classes, or “doggy boot camp,” we foster strong, loyal, and lasting bonds between you, your dog(s), and any other members of the household “pack.”

Professional dog training can help you become fluent in dog language

While dogs do communicate vocally via barks, whines, growls, and yelps, the majority of their communication happens through body language. Unfortunately, chaos ensues when their human companions fail to read their physical signals. When you’re yelling (aka barking), “Don’t Bark,” at the top of your lungs, your dog thinks, “we’re barking now…” and becomes over-excited from your anxious or angry energy. If you fail to notice the nervous positioning of a tail or ears, you risk escalating the dog’s obvious anxiety, which is a recipe for aggression or traumatizing socialization that doesn’t help the cause.

As professional dog trainers, we teach you to read dog language, which exponentially improves communication with your own dogs, as well as dogs who are unfamiliar to you.

Stop “bad” behaviors before they become habits

As we mentioned at the start, most of our clients come to us long after “bad” dog behaviors become habits, requiring unwinding and retraining. By bringing your new dog or puppy to us early on, we establish healthy habits as the only habits. We teach you to redirect a dog’s undesirable behaviors or actions, so they learn desirable responses instead.

You’ll save money on furnishings, clothing, carpet, etc.

A misbehaving dog often costs its human family hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands-worth in furniture, carpet replacement, gobbled up toys, clothes, shoes, etc. This is a recipe for pack disaster because you have an unhappy dog and a very stressed out and unhappy family - not an ideal situation. Then there are the vet bills that add up after a dog eats something s/he shouldn’t have.

Any signs of destruction that go above and beyond the normal puppy phase require immediate support. We’ll listen to your story, get to know your dog, and then figure out the root cause of the anxiety, destruction, or aggression. Your sob stories become a thing of the past, and life at home resumes a beautiful order again. In worst-case scenarios, our dog training sessions have prevented major lawsuits or the euthanasia of a beloved but aggressive dog. 

Save money on pet boarding fees

Are you a frequent flyer? The pairing of the right dog and proper training means you can save thousands of dollars in boarding fees, and enjoy the companionship of your adoring furry travel companion. We can help you purchase just the right equipment and accessories to support your safe travels and get your dog accustomed to specific travel commands and rituals to streamline your experience.

A lifetime of enjoyment you didn’t know was possible

So many of our nation’s favorite breeds were born to work or perform specific tasks. As a result, most dogs are happiest when they get plenty of exercise and have the opportunity to show off their special skills. While we are happy to support you as you and your dog learn to walk together on a leash, heel, stay, etc., which is a form of enjoyment on its own, we especially love to introduce our clients and their dogs to agility training

With just a few simple materials you can create a mini agility training set up in your yard, giving you and your dog a place to play, exercise, and bond together right outside your door.

Professional Dog Training For Every Budget

Investing in dog training doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are many different training styles to choose from, including group courses or online training sessions, making it easier on your budget. Contact Alternative Canine Training to learn more about our different dog training options. We’ll make sure your investment more than pays off in the long run.

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